If you Love Poetry and the Written Word Welcome to The Invisible Poet

If you Love Poetry and the Written Word Welcome to The Invisible Poet



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The Author


The Author

The Author, Paul Anthony Obey, born in 1970, is working class, brought up in a working class family and has raised a working class family. Married to a proud New Zealander, Nicola, they live in the North West of England and share 4 children; Ryan, Hayley, Bethany and Seth, one of each from both. 

Paul has worked within the Social Housing environment for all his adult life in one guise or another. Now deciding to write full time providing political commentary, sharing a view and hopefully inspiring reaction in others to take another look at life, beyond the confines of self, question the generally accepted truth and make the World a better place for everyone. One step at a time! 

The work is dedicated to all of those who love poetry, short stories and the written word, who believe in what Paul is trying to do and also to some of those who don’t yet get it.  

The Work 2017

About the work

As long as I have been alive, an inquisitive mind has been suspicious, questioning the known truths and long-held beliefs of how things work, how they are and why they have to be that way. Of course, in the daily grind of living, I have reluctantly played the game the way it has been set up but have been morally active and mildly subversive all the same. 

Those with the power, still have the power and the weakest in society remain curtailed. If every vote counts, then why aren’t we all counting? 

This is a collection of social poetry, sometimes free verse, with a liberal conscience and a yearning for change. I hope it provokes some thought, some thing. If it does then I am happy for you to be my audience, if it does not, then it is not for you unless you want to open your mind, even a little. 

If I can’t change it on my own, you can, we can together.  Remember, it’s not what it means, it’s what it means to you.  

The Politics of Yes


The Politics of Yes'  explores and provides a liberal view of modern politics in the UK, asking the question 'What has really changed over the last 40 years in Politics, in the Country, during my lifetime?.

The ‘ism’s’ may have been masked more creatively behind a façade of acceptable language and behaviour behind a thin veil of post-modern cliché but the pendulum appears to be swinging back in time. 

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The Pitfalls of Modern Communication


Modern communication can be dangerous when coupled with more and more personal isolation as we retreat into ourselves and where views are not really challenged in a meaningful way.

As we communicate less face to face, we blur the line between what is acceptable, offensive or truly harmful with what we feel is our right to have an opinion.

Social views become ever more polarised and a perfect storm of opportunity to espouse a view, however harmful, is realised and accessible to almost everyone. 

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A Parody of Political Power


The two-party system has been in full swing with an electorate generally confining themselves to their own clan. The odd new party has cropped up to fight a few elections on a single agenda motive, Brexit anyone! 

The parties have polarised, then drifted to the centre where it was hard to tell them apart, then drifted out again. Scandal, greed and lies have maintained their position no matter where the parties find themselves.  

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Democracy for the Players


The wheels still turn the way they did and the same old politics still exists. Hope and change becomes mired in the machinations of tied up government and the winners keep on winning and the divide ever widens. 

We need new politics, new thinkers and new hope. People able to amass an unstoppable appetite to redress all imbalance developed since at least as long as I have been on this planet.  

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Beyond Powers Edge


In this age of reality TV and the constant need to pry into everyone’s life and know their business. The CCTV, fly on the wall generation of wanting to know warts and all may have superseded the impact of Government policy on our daily lives with the desire to know how the human interactions took place to arrive at a political decision. All satirised and dehumanised for entertainment.  

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Comedy of the Liberal Perspective


How have attitudes changed in my lifetime? My attitude has changed no doubt as I have grown, learnt and been shaped by experience, but so has the attitude and feel of the Nation.

Poking a little fun at some, unfortunately, all too common negative assertions that with a miniscule alteration of perspective can form a whole new meaning of positivity, love and respect. 

Perhaps we have addressed and softened a lot of fear and prejudice that belonged to a different time or at least become more a more ‘tolerant’ society? Tolerance is a word I really dislike as it implies that we will put up with each other rather than truly be a collective and cohesive society. In any case, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, or so the saying goes. It is all about perspective.   

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A Very Liberal View


No matter how the misguided, the negative thinkers and portrayers of hate think we are, I for one am happy to maintain the trajectory I am on. My personal direction of travel is to be positive, as much as I can, in the face of the realities we all face.  

I have been struck recently in the wake of a number of terrorist attacks in the Country as well as some other atrocious disasters, just how community has come together to help and a plethora of heroes have stepped forward doing humane things in a backdrop of danger and inhumanity. It’s a potent and life affirming consequence of what can be achieved when the chips are down, or injustice and outrage turns to love, peace, understanding and a shared purpose.  

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Bestsellers in Review


How much do we think we are influenced by others? I don’t mean from friends and family, I mean strangers who have done something that we haven’t and given their opinion about it. I am talking product review, or in this case, cultural product review. 

I thought it was interesting to randomly look at the top selling books on the internet, by consensus, and the reviews ordinary (so called) people gave. I don’t give the books their correct titles for fear of being unlawful and found it an eye opener how people played out their traditions, beliefs and prejudices in the space of a short review.  

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The Unfairness of Collective Description


What do we do when don’t know of a celebrity or famous person? Nowadays, we look on the internet to get a view or description. Whilst looking, we often then look at descriptions of those we do know and often learn new facts about them or dispute what we read. 

I thought it was interesting to look at the top-rated celebrities on the internet and the descriptions available for them. I don’t name the celebrities for fear of being unlawful but it shouldn’t be too hard to decipher who they may be. It was an eye opener how they have been collectively described.  

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The Liberal Connection


This book brings together all of the work from 2017.

The topics covered are UK politics, social media, collective review and description and pokes a little fun at perspective and how with a little change in belief, some long held truths can be challenged and repackaged in a more positive way.  

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The Work 2018

The Liar, The Bitch and The Xenophobe (No. 1 of The Collection 2018)

his short book of poetry is a homage, to the theory of the very dark origins of 10 popular nursery r


Paying homage, to the theory of some very dark origins of ten popular nursery rhymes. 

This short eBook of poems reimagines the theories and supposed events that bore them. The Author’s perspective attempting to get inside 'the mindset' of the times and of what may be being represented.

In our modern World, we still have: class barriers, racism, sexism, famine, poverty, genocide, inequality and injustices in many forms. 

Are there any comparisons with today’s world?

Have we really evolved, that much, as a society?

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Music To Cry To (No. 2 of The Collection 2018)



Love songs are everywhere.

It is probable that all songs ever made are about love or dogs despite a  a few exceptions. Think about it, I bet most of the songs you can think of are about love. Try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed.

Anyway, I love Barry Manilow. 

This isn’t a random admission I am ashamed of. He is not my guilty pleasure. This is a fact. My idol has written and/ or preformed some of the most beautiful love songs ever produced. 

What I have done in this collection of poetry is to take the generic themes of love songs and write a poem about each facet. 

I class this particular work as social poetry, with a hint of love song. 

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The Randomness of Hypothetical News (No. 3 of The Collection 2018)


News is all around us. It is on our television screens, in our newspapers, on our computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is largely inescapable. It is rarely good news.

I try to absorb as much diverse views as possible, even the unpalatable ones. 

I do this to form a view. 

What I have tried to do with this collection of poetry is to take a day of World news from a number of disparate outlets. 

I class this particular work as social poetry, with lessons to be learnt, so as not allow history to keep repeating.

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Oddities of the Zeitgeist (No. 4 of The Collection 2018)



Lots of people now get their news from social media outlets, rather than the traditional avenues of newspaper and television.

Social media has done has given a voice to so many, which has to be a good thing. However, there is so much misinformation out there too.

What I have tried to do with this collection of poetry is to take a snapshot of some of the stories floating around in the social media ether and write about them from my own perspective.

I class this particular work as social poetry, with warnings from the present. 

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What To Be Into Next (No. 5 of The Collection 2018



We live in a technological age. 

I have written this eBook on a computer, that was then published remotely by a website that contained a series of code and algorithm that were cleverly put together to make some magic happen.

What I have tried to do with this collection of poetry is to take a snapshot of some of the advancing technologies of the time and write about them.

I class this particular work as social poetry, with warnings from the future. 

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Equality of the Sexes (No. 6 of The Collection 2018)


 We live in an enlightened age, apparently!

There is still a pay gap between the genders and opportunity to succeed is still curtailed for many women and girls right across the globe. How far have we really come? And how far have we still to go?

This short collection of poetry is an exploration of some of the achievements of female role models, from recent history, who have succeeded despite the odds and in spite of the systems set up for them to fail.

This particular work is classed as social poetry, with lessons still to be learned in many quarters.

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The Work 2018

Nostalgia Through the Ages (No. 7 of The Collection 2018)



Most people yearn for a simpler time. A fond memory reminisced through rose tinted glasses.

It is natural to fondly remember the past whilst feeling a little apprehension, tinged with excitement for the future.

With this short collection of poetry, I have taken a look at some of the things that were cherished, in apparent simpler times. I have looked at them through a modern lens.

I class this particular work as social poetry, with a nod to the past. 

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Superhuman Achievements (No. 8 of The Collection 2018)



We all achieve something in our lifetimes and our achievements differ from person to person.

However, there are some people who have achieved so much more than most despite having in some cases, severe and multiple disabilities.

With this short collection of poetry, I have taken a look at some of those people who are genuinely superheroes, overachiever’s and brilliant, throughout history. 

I class this particular work as social poetry, with respect to people who have left a legacy of or continue to offer brilliance in their field. 

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The Medium of Popularity (No. 9 of The Collection 2018)



Everyone has fame for 15 minutes at some stage in their lives, right?

For me, I don’t want fame. I don’t want fortune. I want my work to be shared and experienced by the largest audience possible. I want my work to have some meaning. I genuinely don’t care what it means to me. I want it to have a different and disparate meaning to a different and disparate audience as possible. 

With this short collection of poetry, I have explored what makes something popular. I have researched some of the most popular films over the last 30 years which certainly resonated with audiences worldwide and have written a short poem about each. See if you can guess which films they are.

I class this particular work as social poetry, with questions to be asked about popularity.

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A Bridge Too Far (No. 10 of The Collection 2018)



The internet is a wondrous thing.  

However, the internet and social media sites are inhabited by people. To be more precise, avatars of people. We have all had to learn how to behave in this new world and in the new forums we all inhabit. 

With this short collection of poetry, I have explored the different types of internet troll and how they can sour the experience of being part of any social media site.

I class this particular work as social poetry, with a nod to the scourge of social media bandits.

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The Collection 2018


 This is the second collection of social poetry by the author, Paul Anthony Obey. The work has a liberal conscience and a yearning for change. The hope is that it provokes some thought, some thing. 

The topics covered are as random as a reimagining of popular nursery rhymes, love songs, hypothetical news stories, popularity and the zeitgeist, gender inequality, disability achievements and social media etiquette. 

This work pokes a little fun at perspective and how with a little change in belief, some long-held truths can be challenged and repackaged in a more positive way. 

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Love, Loss and the Misery that Makes You Happy


This is a collection of poetry that everyone can enjoy or at least identify with.


At some point in our lives, we have all felt love for and from someone. We have all felt the loss of someone or something and we have all felt longing.


Sometimes, it is only the misery that we feel that allows us to feel anything. 

These poems, these stories are typical of the feelings of many, no doubt, and through life, they capture the joy and the pain of life, of living, loving and sometimes, of losing. 

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New for 2019

She is Nothing to Fear


Beth Ryanson was a working-class girl, from a working-class family. Her interest in politics began whilst at University and she quickly moved up the ranks of the Labour movement. Her dream of becoming an MP was realised before she was thirty.

An interesting and violent beginning to her career in the House of Commons, Beth was making a name for herself and getting noticed. A positive future awaits.

Brian Maripo, the snake, was the whip that kept all around him in line. All designer teeth and on-trend suits, he was a bully and a letch, priding himself on striking fear within his Party. Controlling his flock of MPs by legal means wasn’t enough for him. His ego and need for control were getting out of hand.

Frank Parry was a grandee of the Labour Party, a Peer in the House of Lords, and Beth’s Step Uncle. A soothing voice and a gentle force. He wouldn’t dare interfere in Beth’s career, choosing to keep a watching brief.

Beth was driven by improving the lives of the many. 

Maripo was driven by a sense of superiority and control.

When their paths crossed, there could only one winner.

Alisson the Rescue Dog


Say hello to Alisson, a three-year-old rescue dog. Alisson has a new family and a new home. Follow Alisson's adventures on her journey of discovery.

A children's book designed to inform and teach about the wonders of dog ownership and to raise awareness about animal welfare.

50% of all profits will be donated to various animal charities.

Free Downloads

Here are examples of the work in the form of a free poem from each of the eBooks.

You can also buy signed or unsigned copies of over 100 of Paul's original poems by clicking the link below:


Poem; Help from my Friends from 'The Politics of Yes' (jpg)


Poem; Fake News Ideology from 'The Pitfalls of Modern Communication' (jpg)


Poem; Smoke and Mirrors from 'A Parody of Political Power' (jpg)


Poem; Test the Resolve of the Nation from 'Democracy for the Players' (jpg)


Poem; Flirting with the Enemy from 'Beyond Powers Edge' (jpg)


Poem' International Heroes from 'Comedy of the Liberal Perspective' (jpg)


Poem; The Representative Buffoon from 'A Very Liberal View' (jpg)


Poem; I Really Should Hate Myself from 'Bestsellers in Review' (jpg)


Poem; Pirate of the Chocolate Mob from 'The Unfairness of Collective Description' (jpg)


Poem; Politically Incorrect Clouds from 'The Liar, The Bitch and The Xenophobe' (jpg)


Poem; Murdered for Justice from 'The Randomness of Hypothetical News' (PNG)


Poem; Fitting for my Funeral from 'Music To Cry To' (PNG)


Poem; Grow Up it's a Comic from 'Oddities of the Zeitgeist' (PNG)


Poem; They dont smoke like the old days from 'What To Be Into Next' (PNG)


Poem; Agent of Change from 'Equality of the Sexes' (PNG)


What's Next?



Paul is taking a break from writing new poetry to concentrate on branching out into political novella and children's books.

However, Paul often can't help but delve back into poetry, so watch this space.

Short Stories

The following are working titles for new collections of short story paperback and eBooks for 2019: 

March 2019 eBook and paperback launch:

+  She is Nothing to Fear - See blog entitled 'She is Nothing to Fear' for details

Summer 2019 eBook and paperback launch:

+  The Eclectic Eccentricities of Everything (working title)

Christmas 2019 eBook and paperback launch:

+  The Unseating of the Ridiculous (working title)

Other Media

+  Potential collaboration for cartoon and photography illustration of planned publications for 2019

+  A series of Children's books based on the story of my rescue dog: Alisson.

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